I was recently invited to join two other American photographers, Brooks Jensen and Al DaValle, on a trip to China for a project sponsored by China Photographer Magazine.

Brooks, Al and I went early and shot for three days in Beijing before heading north in a bus full of press, editors and photographers to a place called Mulan Paddock for the event.

Billed as a competition between three Chinese and three American photographers, it was really more of a photo party in a scenic rural setting. Each of us had a driver and off-road vehicle, and were given 72 hours to make 20 images. It was great fun.

The scale of interest in and appreciation for photography in China far exceeds anything I have seen anywhere else in the world. This enthusiasm, combined with amazing hospitality, great food and the opportunity to share ideas with some of China’s leading photographers made for a truly memorable adventure.

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27 Mornings in Winter

27 Mornings in Winter


In the Season of the Loon

In the Season of the Loon




In mid-October, I will be starting a three-week photo trip to back of beyond regions of Myanmar

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