Beyond The Malecón

I am very excited to announce the completion of Beyond The Malecón, a project that is the result of four trips to Cuba plus months of editing images, experimenting with various printmaking methods and story writing.

My travels in Cuba have taken me from the far eastern rugged beauty of Viñales, through the central cities of Havana, Trinidad and Camaguey, on to Santiago de Cuba, once the capital, and then to remote Baracoa in the far west, the first landfall of Christopher Columbus. I have ventured well off the tourist trail, visiting people in their city homes, on rural farms and in backcountry areas reminiscent of 1930's Appalachia. Many of these people have a daily life with one foot in the modern world and the other foot standing back decades or more. Yet their humor and determination, warmth and hospitality teach us a great deal about what is really important in life.

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Beyond The Malecón—THE EXHIBITION, consists of as many as 40 one-of-a-kind silver gelatin prints, made using alternative chemistry and an obscure Russian photographic paper, a combination as unpredictable and surprising as daily life in Cuba.

Beyond the Malecon book cover

Beyond The Malecón—THE BOOK, is comprised of 100 images and a 30-page travel essay narrating encounters with the many wonderful characters who invited me into their lives, if only for a few hours. The book has been designed, edited and written. A fund-raising campaign for publication will launch soon.


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